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Pat Barker

I work with women who often feel exhausted because they are ‘doing it all’.


Women who believe that they can be the strength for others and take care of most everyone in their life.…. and put their own needs last.


If women are not taking care of themselves, how do they grow love, joy and feel energized?

Are we a fit?

I work with women who …

  • find it hard to say ‘no’ to requests.

  • take on ‘extra work’ even if they do not have the time.

  • overcommit to plans.

  • take on more responsibilities others could help with

  • put others needs before their own, ensuring that they are ‘fine’.

  • avoid being honest with their opinions.

  • avoid conflict with others by going along with things they are not happy about.

  • get overwhelmed and anxious easily.

Women with these tendencies may also feel:

  • pressure to be friendly, nice, or cheerful around others.

  • anxious about creating unease or standing up for themselves.

  • stressed due to the commitments they have taken on.

  • frustrated that they lack time for themselves.

  • unseen or unheard by others

  • that their own needs do not matter when compared to others.

  • taken for granted by others.

  • challenged to set boundaries with others.

If any of the descriptions listed above resonate with you, then .. let’s meet for a complimentary call. I have a feeling we will be a great fit!

I am a reformed ‘people pleaser’, who received much attention and accolades for ‘doing it all’ as a business owner, daughter, mother, wife, and a teacher. At least, until my husband died. I then paused, realised I was emotionally burnt out and I had no idea of what I wanted because I had been too busy taking care of everyone else’s needs. In the last 8 years, I have done a 180 degree turn and have not looked back, feeling happier, more energized and loved.

Placing your needs first. Each of us are here for a purpose. We are all meant to be seen, heard, and empowered. Create boundaries, say ‘yes’ to your needs, feel loved and self-worth. Live your life by 'your' design and start with growing strong roots.

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