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Pat Barker

I work with women who want change in their life because how they are presently living their life, is no longer working for them.


Women I work with are trying to understand and change a behaviour or belief that they have tried to change for years through other forms of therapy yet have not been successful. I also support individuals who have experienced a trauma to release it and choose how they would like to see themselves moving forward.

Are we a fit?

I work with women who ....

  • want change in their lives,

  • pursue their healing and are connected to spirit,

  • experience being stuck and are willing and have a level of openness because they are willing to do the work,

  • are committed to their healing, 

  • have a curiosity or 'spiritual' interest,

  • are looking for a spiritual experience through hypnotherapy,

  • want to experience more positive connections in their lives, 

  • are interested in a new way of seeing themselves,

  • believe that life is a process and this experience could be one of them,

  • are interested in learning about the mind and being empowered, 

  • are willing to learn how powerful and healing the subconscious mind is.

If any of the descriptions listed above resonate with you, let’s meet for a complimentary call. I have a feeling we will be a great fit!


I am a business owner, daughter, mother and teacher. Life has happened and through life coaching, hypnotherapy, and the love for myself, friends and family, I now experience life with more love, energy and joy.


I believe that each of us are here for a purpose.

We are all meant to be seen, heard, and empowered. 

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