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Thank you

"Rewarding Conversations. I have been meeting online with Pat the past 8 months. By exploring both my Essence and Survival Mechanisms I continue to do my Inner work to live my life coming from my highest and best self. My perspective on my feelings and my relationship to them has evolved. As a mother, partner, teacher and volleyball coach I have always loved giving to others. These life coaching sessions are a gift that I give myself.
Let Pat, a true teacher, ask you the question "What do you want to work on today?""

Carla Zaroda, Sayulita, Mexico

Gratitude for many Creatives

Red River College Project Space

ACE Project Space Team

Red River College Polytec


A big shout out to Team leader Agampreet Singh, Mandeep Singh and Bhavleen Dhillon who with support and training from the Project Space Team Instructors, at Red River Community College, worked tirelessly on the rebranding and new website for my business, Mother Tree.

I truly lucked into this experience while looking for a bit of support to make a few updates on my website and applied for the ACE Project Space 4-month program. I am grateful for my successful application as I have reaped the benefits of working with these three very talented and hard-working web-design students.

Digital Media Design : RRC Polytech: Program Explorer

Rachael King

Rachael King

Photographer + Entrepreneur Extraordinaire


Feeling grateful to have Rachael as my photographer for my new site. Her excitement is pretty contagious and shooting in Birds Hill Park near sunset was such a delight.

It just so happens that Rachael is also the co-creator of Lucky Girl Pop-Up, with Mairen Kopps, in Winnipeg. So many creatives get to continue creating and sell their wares because of the many pop-ups throughout the year.

Rachael and her husband Brian are co-owners, along with extended family members, of a local foodie resto in the heart of our neighborhood, Bonnie Day.

Thank you, Rachael, for the opportunity in working together and for your amazing craftwomanship.  

@rae_del_rey | @luckygirl | 

Julian Lawrence

Jillian Lawrence

Mindfulness in Business Entrepreneur


I first met Jillian in the spring of 2022 when I was looking to create my website for my coaching business. It was through our work together that I got onto a strong path, a beautiful website, creating abundance and land where I am now. 

Jillian lives in Victoria, B.C. with her family and is truly connected to her heart, creating beautiful media for websites/marketing and she is a loving collaborator. I am grateful to Jillian for encouraging the ‘starter roots’ of Mother Tree by helping me create my first beautiful website together and asking me expansive mindful questions.

Liz Zdunich

Liz Zdunich

Life Coach + Goddess of GROOVE


Liz is the senior leader for the Victoria Accomplishment Coaching Program. She has been with me on this journey, as my life coach, to create something I am meant to BE at this point in my life journey.

Liz is truly a life mobilizer. possibility advocate. shadow illuminator. accountability & integrity warrior. creative catalyst. She lives with her family, coaches, dances, and creates in Victoria, B.C.

As a Life Coach, we are required to have a Life Coach that we meet with regularly and I am feeling so much gratitude for her powerful support in keeping my roots growing … thank you, thank you, thank you.


Emma Grant

Emma Grant

Métis Graphic Designer + Photographer


Emma is an Edmonton-based entrepreneur who works full-time as a design specialist for the Métis Nation of Alberta. I found Emma in my search for a Métis graphic designer, and she understood what it is I wanted to create and supported my branding process with immense patience and beautiful skillset.

Being Métis, it was important for me to find a person who understands the identity of Mother Tree as it connects the nature of trees to women and the roots they are lovingly connected to. I am grateful in our partnership to create the Mother Tree logo.

Emma Grant is a proud Métis woman born in St. Albert, Alberta and has been designing full-time for over five years. She is an advocate for social change and community connection. She strives to utilize design to create long-lasting, positive social impacts.

Deanna Michaleski

Deanna Michaleski

Vice Principal + Photographer


Feeling blessed to have worked as a teacher alongside Deanna many years ago and then to work with her for my first set of photos was incredible to say the least.

A big thank you, to Deanna, for her generous spirit, talent and dedication for all that she does. So much positivity radiating from her, and the RETSD students and staff are in such loving hands in working with you.

Deanna and her family live in a neighboring community just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba.


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