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"I relate women empowerment to the thriving nature of trees in a forest. I believe women are powerful and stand with great strength. If we intentionally make emotional, spiritual, physical and mindful care, to be present to our needs first, as women & mothers ... we will thrive, our communities we are connected to will thrive and so will nature." 
Pat Barker, Mother Tree coaching & hypnotherapy 


I have over 36 years of experience working with groups and individuals in a helping profession; education, wilderness expeditions, coaching and hypnotherapy.

Personal empowerment is important to me. I believe it gives us access to who we are, to learn to accept parts of ourselves that we perhaps are unaware we do not accept and in doing so, change how love works for ourselves, and in our families for generations to come.

Meet Pat Barker

Meet Pat Barker

2nd from the left • co-leader Women’s ’88 6-week canoe trip

Mother Tree is a heart-led company. Offerings of coaching and hypnotherapy come from years

of training. I truly understand, through personal experiences, that completely unrooted me in life, how important it is to find the stillness within. To calm anxiety in order to live fully.

From my personal struggles I learned that, ‘No one was going to love me in the way

I wanted to be loved until I loved myself fully and unconditionally’.

Mother tree

Education, Training & Anxiety


I am a certified Special Education Teacher. I have two degrees, one in Kinesiology and another in Education from the University of Manitoba and a Post-Baccalaureate in Inclusive Education. I have taught in 3 Canadian Provinces, K-12 and continue to teach part-time. I am a certified Life Coach, having trained through Accomplishment Coaching in Chicago, and a certified Hypnotherapist with the Canadian Association of Hypnotherapists. Clients who are drawn to work with me often ask for support for anxiety and fears.

I came to this helping profession honestly, having spent most of my life

managing my anxiety. I have come to understand that being anxious,

prevented me from being present / in the moment in school, which made

learning difficult. It also made it challenging to understand who I was

and what I want to 'be' in life. Over time, I learned how to regulate my

nervous system, feel 'rooted' (grounded) and less anxious. 


Intergenerational Experiences

Twenty-four years ago, my sisters and I discovered that they were Red River Métis. Like many Métis families, this was a secret, and our family did their very best to be 'French' and not acknowledge who we were culturally. Since learning of our ancestry, my children and I have embraced our heritage and are always excited to learn more.

Family & Diminishing Mother Connection


I am a solo mother/parent of 2 young adults and one teenager. With family I have experienced divorce, suicide, trauma, and a loss of culture and language. In my marriages, I struggled with self-love, and in being a mother who is present, patient, and open-hearted. I always put other people’s needs before my own. I was also very anxious as a parent.


Life Changer


After the death of my second husband, I experienced a personal breakdown. Other than my children, I had very little energy to put others before myself and wanted ‘me’ in my picture. I could no longer go on this way. I hired a life coach, a hypnotherapist and became present to who I was, my gifts, strengths and I intentionally chose to change the way I was thinking, my thoughts and perceptions in life.

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