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"I relate personal empowerment to the thriving nature of trees in a forest. I believe men & women are powerful and stand with great strength. If we intentionally make emotional, spiritual, physical and mindful care, to be present to our needs first, we will thrive, our communities we are connected to will thrive and so will nature." 
Pat Barker, Mother Tree coaching & hypnotherapy 


I have over 36 years of experience working with groups and individuals in a helping profession; education, wilderness expeditions, coaching and hypnotherapy.

Personal empowerment is important to me. I believe it gives us access to who we are, to learn to accept parts of ourselves that we perhaps are unaware we do not accept and in doing so, change how love works for ourselves, and in our families for generations to come.

Pat Barker, Mother Tree coaching & hypnotherapy

Meet Pat Barker

Mother Tree is a heart-led company. Offerings of coaching and hypnotherapy come from years

of training. I truly understand, through personal experiences, that completely unrooted me in life, how important it is to find the stillness within. To calm anxiety in order to live fully.

From life experiences I have learned that, ‘Love is always there to choose, and

that I  have so much power to change my thinking and create what I want in life.'

Mother tree

Education & Training 


I am a certified Inclusive Education Teacher and have specialized in working with students who identify as neurodivergent learners from K-12. I am a certified Life Coach, having trained through Accomplishment Coaching in Chicago, and a certified Hypnotherapist with the Canadian Association of Hypnotherapists, training in Traditional and in Whole Brain Hypnotherapy through the Ascension Center in British Columbia, Canada. 

I came to this helping profession honestly, having spent most of my life

managing my anxiety. I have come to understand that being anxious,

prevented me from being present with the support of therapy, coaching

and hypnotherapy, I have learned how to calm my body, mind and thrive.

Intergenerational Experiences

Twenty-four years ago, my sisters and I discovered that they were Red River Métis. Like many Métis families, this was a secret, and our family did their very best to be 'French' and not acknowledge who we were culturally. Since learning of our ancestry, my children and I have embraced our heritage and are always excited to learn more.


Like many of us, I have experienced my share of life's lessons. I see them as opportunities to grow no matter how emotionally challenging the experiences have been. I believe, from personal experience and in working with individuals, that we are all powerful. That each of us has the emotional, physical and spiritual energy to move through all that we are presented with. 

As a coach and hypnotherapist, I believe that one of many 'hiccups' in life, that can cause challenges for individuals is their lack of understanding about the subconscious mind; its power, protective nature, purpose, and limitations. It controls 90-95% of your behavioural responses daily. You do not even need to think about how to react in situations, you simply do. And sometimes after you react, you say to yourself, 'Why did I do or say that?'. Some familiar?


The hypnotherapy MOTHER TREE offers is NOT 'Stage Hypnotherapy'.  Please check out hypnotherapy curious on my website to learn more about the differences between 'stage hypnotherapy' and the hypnotherapy Mother Tree provides. 


Being in the Education system for over 30 years has taught me that some people believe, including fellow teachers, that our minds are a mystery. We are either bright, average or challenged academically. I am hopeful that in time, the Education system as a whole will offer teaching on how the conscious mind (present and short-term memory) integrates learning by communicating with our subconscious mind (protective, automatic, working by association and long-term memory) in order to perform well in subjects or skills we wish to do well in.


The subconscious mind is brilliant in that it will only take on suggestions that are helpful. However, when we are young, we are like sponges and the subconscious mind will take on helpful and not so healthy suggestions (fears) and beliefs about ourselves, others ... and the world at large. 

Hypnotherapy with life coaching is gentle and for this reason, I choose it as my method of personal growth & therapy. I love how it respects where an individual's subconscious mind is at, takes on only suggestions that it deems important, replacing old 'outdated beliefs' to helpful loving thoughts which ultimately changes how you interact with yourself and others.

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