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Education, Certification and Training

Pat Barker is the sole proprietor of Mother Tree coaching & hypnotherapy. She is an Inclusion Specialist (Special Educator), having taught and lead teams from K-12 in Manitoba, Ontario and Alberta, with over 36 years of experience. She completed two bachelor's degrees, Kinesiology and Education, and a Post-Bachelorette Degree in Inclusive Education at the University of Manitoba.


Several years ago, prior to retiring, she trained and certified as a Life Coach, training with Accomplishment Coaching Chicago. This training has afforded her and her clients with over 300 ontological tools and distinctions to support insight and deeper self-reflection.



Pat is a certified Hypnotherapist and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner. Over the years, she has experienced firsthand, the gentle and powerful changes personally and professionally in thoughts and behaviours having received and by providing hypnotherapy and EFT.

Benefits of Working with Mother Tree

What you may be experiencing ....

  • people pleasing

  • feeling exhausted / stuck

  • frustrated or angry

  • unable to say ‘no’ to others

  • feeling unseen or understood

  • unsure of own needs

  • having very little time for yourself

  • overwhelmed, anxious

  • addiction problems i.e. smoking

  • relationship problems

Work with Mother Tree to experience ….

  • personal empowerment,

  • calm mind, calm body,

  • self-love,

  • saying ‘yes’ only to things you really want and have time for,

  • saying ‘no’ to things you do not want,

  • making your needs a priority,

  • energy for you, the people in your life,

  • loving relationships with others

  • control over unhealthy habits and

  • more self-worth, fun & joy in life.



Client Demographic: men & women ages 25 & up

For more information, please contact Pat by 

booking a discovery call on this website.

Discovery calls are a great way to become more

clear on what you would like more or less of in your

life and which supports offered, best 

suit you. Let's connect meet and see

how we can be of service.

If you are ready to say ‘YES’ to yourself, let’s chat!
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​ "Pat is compassionate, attuned, curious and willing to challenge in ways that are respectful of where I was at. I felt held and respected in all aspects of this process. I experienced more courage and risk taking; clearing the way for something unknown/new."

 Cindy Fawcett. Nanaimo, B.C., Canada

​ "If you are wanting to heal from the rollercoaster of life, Pat is a wonderful guide to lead you into your own healing journey. She comes along side of you with empathy, honesty, kindness and a good dose of humour! She listens and guides at your rate. For me the 6 hypnotherapy sessions changed me in ways I never imagined.

Gratitude is my feeling when I talk about Pat."

 Cathy Somerset, Landmark, Manitoba, Canada

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