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Hypnotherapy Curious? 


All discovery sessions are complimentary and thirty-minutes in duration.

Empowering Change


Looking carefully at your current situation, you get to decide how you would like to experience your future. This is a goal setting focused approach, that works well with life coaching, it is about ‘finding a solution’ (i.e., confidence to speak your mind) to a particular issue rather than uncovering its cause.

Energy Release → Well Being 

Somatic Hypnotherapy


Growing up, you may have been encouraged to ‘stop crying’ or hide your emotions. Emotions have energy and are there to help you integrate your life experiences, to be present and release burdensome feelings. When you hold onto your emotions, they get stored in the body. Over time, stored emotions/energy can lead to you feeling overwhelmed, in pain, anxious, etc. Somatic hypnotherapy is gentle and helps you release any pent-up energy that has become “trapped” in your body.

energy release

Hypnotherapy for Children & Youth


If your child or youth is experiencing reoccurring fears and/or behavioural concerns such as:

phobias, anxiety, attention concerns, self-esteem as a learner, academic motivation, social challenges, and school performance issues, hypnotherapy is a gentle and very effective approach to support and empower change.

An initial meeting with parents and their child or youth is where we begin. 

Combo Life-Coaching/Hypnotherapy

6 Session Package (over 2-3 months) @ $540


At times in our life, we struggle with something that comes up unexpected. No matter how much support we receive, via therapy, family and/or friends, we still are left feeling anxious, sad, fearful, etc.

I have experienced both as a client & practitioner the power of 6 sessions: a combination of life coaching and hypnotherapy.

Coaching & hypnotherapy focus on your ways of thinking and being. Work with me to gain insight in your ways of thinking that prevent you from thriving. With hypnotherapy, we will collaborate to determine the best approach and use your words to make positive changes in thought patterns in your subconscious mind. Coaching and hypnotherapy provide gentle healing.

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