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Presentation Topics

Book here for thirty-minute planning session.

I present to groups, associations, and businesses from my experiences in life and from the perspective as a Life Coach (LC), Hypnotherapist (H) &/or Educator (E). Presentations vary from 45 – 90 minutes in length.


The following topics are at no cost. However, if you wish, a donation could be made to:


Understanding our personal enrgy

Understanding Our Personal Energy (LC, H)

Feeling Emotionally Depleted - How we give away our energy, hold onto it and how we can grow and protect it, leaving us feeling energized. This presentation is for anyone who works in the 'helping profession', and/or a parent, caregiver, or a professional with a 'heavy workload'. If you need more 'you' time or overwhelmed easily, join us.

Frog in the pot

Frog in the Pot @ Slow Simmer (LC)

Intergenerational experience living with trauma and how I revived the frog for myself and my children. My life started to make sense in my early 30s, when I found out I was Red River Métis. The focus of this presentation is on how being present, and listening with consistent unconditional love can gently support & help trauma in childhood.

Post suicide

Parenting Post-Suicide (LC)

Personal experience of parenting three children, during husband’s struggle with mental illness and completion of suicide. I will share what I learned along the way regarding self-care, supports that were lifesaving and experiences of how people view suicide. I believe it is time to take the negative stigma away from discussing suicide and speak to it from a place of love, grief, loss of hope and gratitude being presence.


Hypnotherapy (H)

What it is and how it can support your body & mind.

I often present to groups, such as high school psychology classes, as to how the conscious and subconscious mind work and how we can optimize their abilities.


Parenting a Neurodivergent Child (LC, E)

Personal & professional experience, tools, understanding, and love to support families. I am a trained Special Education Teacher and have raised 3 children, all of whom are neurodivergent. At times parenting was not a picnic. I relied on my professional skills and am grateful for all the clinical support I received. However, the golden nugget that helped me parent with more ease and love, was understanding ‘how’ I was relating to my children when they were

anxious, angry, etc., and how to choose differently. This presentation is about tools, supports, a deeper look at what potentially is happening in our child’s mind (thoughts) and how we can support their growth by building more connect and understanding. As well, I will discuss how to be a strong advocate for your child in the school system.

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