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Committed to Personal Empowerment, Love, & Thriving 

Welcome to Mother Tree. I’m Pat Barker.

At Mother Tree coaching & hypnotherapy I support women who are overwhelmed

and /or frustrated with areas of their lives that they would like to change.

Life coaching supports the understanding of what an individual would like to accomplish,

and Hypnotherapy gently releases old beliefs, fears and helps to support new

empowering thoughts, that help to reduce or alleviate a variety of issues,

such as psychological distress, fears, anxiety, self-esteem, a challenging relationship

with self or others and unhealthy, or harmful habits.

The goal of hypnotherapy with life coaching is to create

positive change in an individual, while in a state of deep relaxation.

beautiful tree

What is Mother Tree?


Mother Tree provides coaching & hypnotherapy/EFT to powerfully strengthen from within. Through acknowledging and supporting root issues, you can become strengthened from your core to experience the life you want to live. 


Why the name Mother Tree?  A “Mother Tree” is “an elder tree that helps forests recover from events like fire or logging, by transmitting information through the below-ground root and fungal networks.” (Simard 2023)


At Mother Tree coaching & hypnotherapy, I believe that our roots are the foundation to how well we live our lives in the world.

Pat Barker

The Idea of a 'Mother Tree' Network
Mother Tree coaching & hypnotherapy is about growing more love in this world. I believe that we are all capable and hard wired to be at the heart of healing ourselves and when empowered can strongly connect with all our parts and powerfully connect with others.

Mother Tree is much more than growing and becoming more resilient, empowered and creating the life you want to live as adults. Services are also offered to children ages 10-17 to help strengthen generations to come.

Mother Tree coaching & hypnotherapy for Children ages 10-17 

Children are an integral part of a family's root system.


With trust and intension, I believe that by providing support earlier, children will experience more confidence, a calm body & mind and self-acceptance: stronger roots.

Leaf representing root system

Short Bio on Pat

I am a teacher, inclusion champion, life coach and compassionate hypnotherapist.

For years as an Inclusion Teacher, I work to support students who struggle in school mainly because their worries get in the way of learning … and lead to anxious thoughts that play over and over in the mind. These thoughts, and emotions become a story each individual 'tells themselves', thus becoming part of their belief system. It is important to note that none of the beliefs are based in fact, or reality.

As coach and hypnotherapist, I have more tools to support adults, children, and youth to ‘get rooted’ in resilience and love, connected to themselves and others.

Pat Barker Biography

Mother Tree comes from my heart. My offerings of coaching and hypnotherapy come from personal experiences, that completely unrooted me in life and challenged me to reach for strength & love within.

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I believe we are, as a species, very similar

to trees in a forest. We have conversations,

we connect, compete with one another, protect our

offspring  and nurture. As human beings, when our

root system is struggling, due to unsettling family systems

or other circumstances, we struggle as individuals

and as a community. We are all connected.


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As a visitor on this land, coming from Red River Métis ancestry, I strive to deepen my own understanding of the local Indigenous communities and I come with respect for this land that I am on today. I live and work on Treaty 1 territory, the traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, and Dene Peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation.

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