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Benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Workshops & Group Sessions

All discovery sessions are complimentary and thirty minutes in duration.

Learn 'Self-Hypnosis' On-line Workshop

Sunday, March 3rd, 2024  |   1-4 PM CDT  | Fee $24 or PWYC

Imagine what you can achieve if you, with skill, learn how to create a self-hypnosis audio to ...

  • eat healthier

  • commit to the exercise routine

  • do well in test taking

  • sleep better

  • think positively about yourself

  • move towards your goal(s) with confidence ..... 


You may be aware that there are other ways to 'do' self-hypnosis, such as downloading an app such as Hypnobox, or listening to a free session on YouTube. Perhaps this may be more what you are looking for. All good.


What I am offering is different. I will 'teach you HOW' to make your own self-hypnosis tapes, designed specifically to your needs.


You will learn & experience the following:

  • Overview - You will learn how our mind(s) work 'conscious & subconscious.'

  • How to utilize the subconscious mind as a natural state of learning

  • How to Create a Personal Intention

  • Receive Group Hypnosis - each person working on their personal intention

  • Receive and learn how to create your own script, tape and when to play it.

  • Further supports for your subconscious mind to make changes.

  • Follow-up questions.


Once you have signed up, you will be placed on a list and contacted one week prior to the workshop with a zoom link and information to help prepare you.

The workshop is 3 hours in duration with a 10-minute break part way. 


This workshop may be of particular interest for those who would like to experience hypnotherapy. For individuals such as students, teachers, who would like to improve their memory, study skills. People use the techniques I will share with you to think more positively, become more productive, ... basically anyone wanting change and to take control of their life. 

Click the link and place your name on the list.

Group Sessions

Book here for a thirty-minute planning session.

I provide a life coaching and hypnotherapy workshop to groups of 4 –20 per group. Please book a Discovery Session with me to further discuss your needs.  All workshops are presentation based, experiential and interactive in nature and 1 – 2 hours in length.

Releasing Burdensome Energy

How to Feel Complete

You will be introduced to exercises that support you in becoming clear as to what thoughts are ‘weighing’ you down and how you can release them.

There are several tools that support us to release attachments we may have to people or things that we can chose to let go of. Learn how to feel light and energized.

release energy
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