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Life Coaching

What It Is & What It Is Not

All discovery sessions are complimentary and thirty-minutes in duration.

Life coaching

Life Coaching is about empowering you to gain insight as to how you are thinking and how thoughts and fears get in the way of living the life you want to live.


Often, you do not realize how you think because you operate and make life choices from an automatic way of ‘being’ … from your subconscious mind.


Your subconscious mind is there to protect you. It has many functions, such as storing long term memories, fears and beliefs that at times, may prevent you from thriving.


You will make daily life choices based on what your subconscious mind protects you from. You may have learned that:


  • certain things are to be feared.

  • you need to act in a certain way around family or in a work environment to be accepted.

  • certain behaviours will help you get what you need in life.

  • there are ‘bad’ and ‘good’ behaviours.

  • when you avoid certain things or people, life will go smoother.

The list above is a snapshot of what could be tucked away in the subconscious mind.



Protective thoughts that create beliefs and behaviours, are often developed, between birth and 9-10 years of age, and stored in the subconscious mind.


‘Old’ childhood fears and beliefs are often unhelpful in creating the life you want to experience, as an adult.


You may wonder, “Why do I keep repeating something that I want to change?”

Simply, we are unaware of the protective thoughts that hold us back, and consciously, will power can help push us through … but will power does not produce lasting results.      

Life coaching helps uncover beliefs that hold onto cyclical thoughts & behaviour.

Life Coaching Creates Positive Life Changes

When you find yourself avoiding, suffering through, or pushing up against something, you may also experience:

  • less sleep,  

  • worry and anxiety,

  • negative thoughts and complaints about others and/or self,

  • emotional upset,

  • the urge to try and control your surroundings,

  • less trust in self and others,

  • the urge to please others.

  • a lack of self-care.

When you experience feeling ‘incomplete’ or lack of personal power, please remember that your LIFE does NOT have to BE this way.


Coaching guides you to where you want to be in life empowering you to experience and create more joy, love, and confidence.

Whether you are working one-one or in a small group, a Life Coach uses active listening and reflection to help individuals gain understanding, insight, new ways of thinking and choosing how life will BE moving forward.


What is possible is revealed and you gain access to be empowered to design and create how you would like your life to be moving forward.

Life coaching is about who you are being and where you are 'now' in your life, and what you would like more of and/or less of moving forward.

Personal shifts in your thinking may include personal goals,

career, business, relationships, life changes, etc.

Life Coaching Is Not ...


Therapy. If you are experiencing significant mental health concerns regarding present or past trauma, a trained therapist is best suited to support you.

Consulting. When looking for someone to help guide you make decisions to help you decide something in your life such as finances, a specialist / consultant is the choice to make.


The Life Coach’s responsibility for client results. When you sign-up for life coaching, you sign up to gain insight, ‘take’ ownership of and make positive changes in your life. The goal is to be ‘coached’ and learn how to create and empower your life.

Pat Barker

Pat Barker works with men & women who are interested in a once-and-for-all shift in specific areas of life. The shift/change in thinking is permanent and will alter who you are now and in the future from an empowered place.

Coaching curious? Please connect and let's meet.

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