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Coaching Curious?

Life Coaching

All discovery sessions are complimentary and thirty-minutes in duration.

Women self empowerment

Women Self-Empowerment
You are a professional woman, who may be feeling energetically low, you may have difficulties saying ‘no’ to other people and/or you find yourself getting overwhelmed, disorganized, and angry because there is never much time for ‘you’. Life coaching will help you gain insight as how to come from an empowered place, to grow strength and confidence within. Learn how to say ‘YES’ to yourself and experience the positive impact this will have in ALL areas of your life.

Growing Strong Mother Roots


We may be mothers or are about to become one and we are worried that we may continue the cycle of ‘mothering’ we received as children. If you grew up not feeling connected emotionally or physically to your mother, life coaching can offer a beautiful connection to yourself and then to those you care for. You can be the mother you have always wanted to be. Experience more presence and choose with intention how you want to relate to family and societal expectations.

Mother child love

Gain a much deeper understanding of ‘what’ we choose, acknowledge, and release old family patterns that no longer serve you as a mother. Learn how to grow strong healthy family relationship roots.

group coaching

Group Coaching 2-3 Women


Being coached in a group offers a lot of insight as to what is happening in your life. You may be experiencing the inability to say what is on your mind or perhaps you worry about offending other people if you asked for what you want. Often, we feel exhausted when we hold onto our thoughts, with out expressing them, or when we do not express our emotions. Learn to feel and be ‘more complete’ in your life, with more energy. Experience more confidence in being you.

Inner Goddess Group Coaching

4 sessions @ $110/group member

Discover what coaching and hypnotherapy can offer you through meeting with a group of women you connect with often such as a book club. Inner Goddess is a lovely opportunity to experience who you are at your highest and best, your life purpose, how certain fears get in your way of producing results in life, and solution focused hypnotherapy to experience ‘your inner goddess room’. Groups can sign up for 2 - 2.5 hour in-person sessions (or) 4 - 1 hour zoom sessions per group. Group sizes 4 women/group

Mother tree
Power hour session

Power Hour Session

1 hour @ $100


Several times a month, I offer time for ‘Power Hour’ coaching sessions.

What is it? Roughly 1 hour of 1:1 coaching to ‘BUST THROUGH’ something you:

• perhaps are feeling ‘stuck’ with emotionally.

• want to gain more ‘insight’ about.

• want to create but unsure where to start.

• are about to make a big life decision on.

• are curious about such as ‘life purpose’.

When do we meet?

Please check my schedule. You only need to sign up for one. There is no pressure to ever sign up for another.

Combo Life-Coaching/Hypnotherapy

6 Session Package (over 2-3 months) @ $540


At times in our life, we struggle with something that comes up unexpectedly. No matter how much support we receive, via therapy, family and/or friends, we still are left feeling anxious, sad, fearful, etc.

I have experienced both as a client & practitioner the power of 6 sessions: a combination of life coaching and hypnotherapy. Both focus on your ways of thinking and being. Work with me to gain insight in your ways of thinking that prevent you from thriving. With hypnotherapy, we use your words to make positive changes in thought patterns in your subconscious mind. Coaching and hypnotherapy provide gentle healing.

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