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My Offers and Programs

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(1:1 & Group Coaching)
Connecting to Authentic Self

If you are feeling energetically low, you give too much of yourself to other people, or are compassion fatigued, then this program is for you. Witness the impact you can create in your own life as you explore how you relate to yourself by reclaiming your inner power a.k.a your goddess and life force. 


When we aren’t aware of the lack of love and attention, we have for ourselves in life, it can manifest as gained weight, poor boundaries, exhaustion, and people-pleasing.


Work with me and transform how you relate to your work life and personal life.
Be supported in gaining new insights as to what is holding you back from having confidence you want, personal passion for self and others, the balance in life you truly desire. You are meant to LOVE YOUR LIFE ... and claim your inner power! I would LOVE to support you with in CLAIMING it!

Learn more about my offer by, booking a complimentary connection call now.

1:1 Coaching
Soulful Connection
(1:1 & Group Coaching)

I provide hypnotherapy as a gentle healing method to support clients in finding a deeper understanding of challenges in life when faced with trying to change various behaviors, to overcome fears, change disruptive habits, sleep better, overcome stress, work through grief and loss, etc. Attached is an article on what hypnotherapy is and who would benefit from this form of support. 

Please connect with me for more information or contact me with your questions.

Group Coaching
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(1:1 & Group Coaching)


When we are connected to our identity we can listen to the whispers of our ancestors and recover our own light and power within. For most of my life, I felt like something was missing, it wasn’t until I discovered my Metis ancestry and my life purpose that I began to feel more empowered, centered, proud and complete.

From this new place of self-discovery, I could start to move away from the stories and beliefs I had been living and begin to create myself anew and connected. 

By understanding what beliefs are getting in your way or choosing a life you want to live for your generation, you can heal the past, present and future generations. You will grow more love for who you really are and why you’re here. 

Métis Reclaiming Power is a coaching program for women who identify as Indigenous and are ready to reclaim their identity and grow more self-worth for themselves and the people around them.

If you’d like to learn more about this program, please book a complimentary connection call with me. 

Metis Magic

Rave Reviews


"Rewarding Conversations. I have been meeting online with Pat the past 8 months. By exploring both my Essence and Survival Mechanisms I continue to do my Inner work to live my life coming from my highest and best self. My perspective on my feelings and my relationship to them has evolved. As a mother, partner, teacher and volleyball coach I have always loved giving to others. These life coaching sessions are a gift that I give myself.
Let Pat, a true teacher, ask you the question "What do you want to work on today?""

Carla Zaroda, Mexico

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