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My Offers and Programs

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1:1 & Group Coaching

If you are feeling energetically low, you give too much of yourself to other people, or are overwhelmed easily, life coaching in a group setting or 1:1 is supportive. Learning differently comes with many blessing and challenges. Gain insight as to how to connect your thoughts with how your senses are responding and gain more 'knowing' as to where you want to be and feel  empowered in your life. Learn how to identify your strengths and build on areas for growth as you see them. There is absolutely everything right about you.


Perhaps you wish to grow in relationship and friendship with others. You may want to increase your understanding of how to organize and stay focused, connect with colleagues or family members or identify when to take breaks to avoid burn out.


Improve your relationship with yourself, create healthy boundaries, understand sensory processing (polyvagal theory and mapping) as it relates to you, and thrive. Work with me and transform how you relate to your work life and personal life.

Learn more about my offer by, booking a complimentary connection call now.

1:1 Coaching
Mind Heart Connection

I provide hypnotherapy as a gentle healing method to support clients in finding a deeper understanding of challenges in life when faced with trying to change various behaviors, to overcome fears, change disruptive habits, sleep better, overcome stress, work through grief and loss, etc. Attached is an article on what hypnotherapy is and who would benefit from this form of support. 

We develop overtime ways of thinking that often get in the way of how we want to be in the world. Working with the subconscious mind, is a very gently way of suggesting new ways of being, that you choose and would like to improve your life.

Please connect with me for more information or contact me with your questions.

Group Coaching
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1:1 & Group Life Coaching

COACHING: Are you interested in life coaching to stand with confidence, focused on taking beautiful self-care and end your relationship with people pleasing?

GROUP COACHING: Do you have a group of women you connect with often? Inner Goddess is a lovely opportunity for a group of friends to get in touch with personal inner wisdom, beauty and love. I provide 2 - 2 hour in-person sessions per group of 4-6 women and 4 - 1 hour sessions for your group if you choose to meet via zoom. Group coaching offers you a lot of opportunity to grow personally due to shared experience and shares. Sign up and learn new insights, tools, self-reflection and guided imagery that will uncover your inner GODDESS. ✨ The last session is an optional coaching or group hypnotherapy to improve sleep, healthy eating choices, etc. ❤️

Metis Magic

Rave Reviews


"Rewarding Conversations. I have been meeting online with Pat the past 8 months. By exploring both my Essence and Survival Mechanisms I continue to do my Inner work to live my life coming from my highest and best self. My perspective on my feelings and my relationship to them has evolved. As a mother, partner, teacher and volleyball coach I have always loved giving to others. These life coaching sessions are a gift that I give myself.
Let Pat, a true teacher, ask you the question "What do you want to work on today?""

Carla Zaroda, Mexico

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