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Mother Tree

Getting ROOTED

Monthly Highlights @patbarkercoaching

Volume 1, June 2023

Mother Tree

Life coaching • Hypnotherapy • EFT • Workshops • to growing love & trees in the world

"Mother Tree' - an elder tree that helps forests recover from events like fire or logging, by transmitting information through below-ground root and fungal networks."

 Dr. Suzanne Simard, Author & Professor of Forestry Ecology UBC


"I liken healthy women and mother roots, to the thriving nature of trees in a forest. I actually believe it is that simple. Perhaps if we intentionally take beautiful emotional, spiritual, physical and mindful care, to be present to our needs first, as women & mothers ... we will thrive, our communities we are connected to will thrive and so will nature."

Pat Barker, Mother Tree coaching & hypnotherapy 

Hello & Welcome

My name is Pat Barker, and I am pretty excited to be sending you Volume 1, June 2023 Monthly Highlight from Mother Tree coaching & hypnotherapy. This newsletter landed in your email because we have worked together in the past, or you were open to receiving it. If you like what you see and would like to share it, please do. If somehow you are on this email list and are unsure, no worries. Connect with me or hit the 'unsubscribe' button is at the end.

The August newsletter will feature content on the 'subconscious mind' and how to support it as a teacher, a person wanting to change a behaviour, how to find some free self-hypnosis material online, etc.

I hope you enjoy & wish you a wonderful summer!


What's New?

• Rebranding the business name to Mother Tree coaching & hypnotherapy and

• New website to be out in September this year. 🎉

Offers in July & August 2023

Understanding Energy: Grow It ... Flow It ... Protect It (By Donation)


Dates: July 18th (in-person) & August 15th (on-line)            Time: 2-3 PM CDT


Our Energy has a frequency and vibration. In this 1-hour workshop, you will be introduced to:

• the various levels of energy and what levels have you 'thriving' in life, 

• how to increase it, how you relate to it, 

• how to give support and energy to someone, with intention, energizing you,

• how to change potential 'low' energy levels in your home, or workplace and 

• how to protect your energy. 

This is a donation workshop (PWYW .. pay what you want), donating to The Mothering Project, which provides support and resources to women who are pregnant or who have given birth in the past 12 months, and are involved with substances. 

Nature love


Inner goddess

Inner Goddess 'ROOT' Chakra • Indigenous Medicines

Spend a day with us to explore where in your body you 'store' burdensome energy. Often when we do not feel safe or worry about expressing our emotions or thoughts, they can get 'stuffed' or stored at a cellular level in our bodies. Stored energy can create imbalances and health concerns. Somatic Hypnotherapy will be introduced as well as Indigenous Medicines and energy healing.

Métis Created: Pat Barker & Rose Lavallee

Inner goddess

✨ Rediscover Your Inner Goddess

Find 3-4 women, you love spending time with, and sign up to learn how specifically your fears can get in the way of you making changes in your life, who you are at your 'highest and best' , your life purpose and through hypnotherapy, enter your 'goddess room' and choose what you would like to experience more of in your life.

Life coaching sessions

Life Coaching Sessions

1:1 Sessions

Group Coaching (2 or 3 individuals)

Power Hour (1 session request)



1:1 Sessions

6 Sessions (coaching & hypnotherapy)

Group sessions (2 or 3 individuals)


Mother Tree coaching & hypnotherapy is all about growing more love in this world. We believe that women are at the heart of healing themselves and when empowered can strongly connect with all parts of themselves. This 'inner knowing and connection' gift women with the ability, if they so choose, to take on transformational roles in families, communities and globally, much like the Mother Tree in a forest.


With Coaching, Hypnotherapy/EFT, women are supported, to find their strength within. Internal focus to gain more self-acceptance, confidence, self-respect, worth, energized, finding voice and less fear, anxiety and inner critic. Mother Tree is for men as well, who would like to experience a better relationship with themselves and others. 

Get in Touch

Pat barker

Coaching or Hypnotherapy Curious?

Connect with me on a 30-minute call to share what you would like to experience, change, have more or less of in life.

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