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Getting ROOTED

Volume 1, August 2023

Proudly Red River Métis

Life coaching • Hypnotherapy • EFT • Workshops • Presentations

Mother Tree provides coaching & hypnotherapy/EFT to powerfully strengthen women from within to become empowered and joyful, with life purpose. 


By acknowledging and supporting root issues, such as anxiety, fears, inner-critic, women become strengthened from the core to experience the life they want to live.

"Mother Tree' - an elder tree that helps forests recover from events like fire or logging, by transmitting information through below-ground root and fungal networks."

 Dr. Suzanne Simard, Author & Professor of Forestry Ecology UB

Mother Tree

New at Mother Tree

Welcome to Volume 1 August 2023. New month, new website and logo.


Thank You to many creatives who designed the Mother Tree website, logo & supported my vision. Please check my website Acknowledgements here to read about the Project Space WebDesign team from RRCC, Rachael King, Photography and Emma Grant, Graphic Designer. 


  • As promised an article on the Subconscious Mind and how to intentionally support a Growth Mindset as an educator or student.

  • August to December 2023 Free Thursday Hypnotherapy: For children 10-17 years of age to support anxiety, attention, & general worries that get in the way of learning.

  • Presentations: Mother Tree provides complimentary presentations for groups 4-150 on various topics. Please check link below.

Mindset and Subconscious Mind

Tapping Into Your

Subconscious Superpower:

Subconscious Mind & Growth Mindset

Mother Tree Logo

New Mother Tree

Website & Logo

child focusing

Hypnotherapy Thursday:

Support Anxiety & Attention

For Children Ages 10-17

Rocks in balance on Beach

Group Presentations

Life Coaching | Hypnotherapy

Topics In Link Below

Mother Tree coaching & hypnotherapy is all about growing more love in this world. We believe that women are at the heart of healing themselves and when empowered can strongly connect with all parts of themselves. This 'inner knowing and connection' gift women with the ability, if they so choose, to take on transformational roles in families, communities and globally, much like the Mother Tree in a forest.


With Coaching, Hypnotherapy/EFT, women are supported, to find their strength within. Internal focus to gain more self-acceptance, confidence, self-respect, worth, energized, finding voice and less fear, anxiety and inner critic. Mother Tree is for men as well, who would like to experience a better relationship with themselves and others. 

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Pat Barker

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Connect with me on a 30-minute call to share what you would like to experience, change, have more or less of in life.

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