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International Coaching Certification (ICF) & Canadian Hypnotherapy Certification

Inclusion Specialist Certification 

I am a recently retired Inclusion Educator specializing in neurodiversity support, coaching and training. I am also a certified Life Coach with ICF, having trained with Accomplishment Coaching (AC) in Chicago, I serve to support you in achieving your personal and professional goals. The essence of my work is to acknowledge strengths and support areas for growth an individual is seeking, be it in a personal, workplace or educational setting.  

I am also a certified Hypnotherapist with the Canadian Hypnotherapist Association. I love to combine life coaching and hypnotherapy to gently and effectively support and integrate changes clients choose to make in their lives.


The more doors you open for yourself creates personal empowerment that is so worth living for. It expands your mindset and your life experiences. You will feel more, have more energy and create what you want to experience in this life. What are you waiting for? 

love unlimited = life unlimited


Much love * Pat

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