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My Story

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Okay, let’s get comfortable. This is me, Pat Barker, relaxing in my home.  The following is a snapshot of my life that has shaped who I am today, ready to be in service to you as Life Coach.


Love that has Guided Life: I am a solo mother/parent of 3 daughters who I am forever grateful to have in my life. I have been married twice, the first ending amicably in divorce sharing a beautiful daughter. In my second marriage, I gained much insight about myself and stretched my thinking about my personal well-being as I loved and supported my husband through his mental illness until his death. I am grateful for the two beautiful daughters from my second marriage, for the love and connection and for the opportunities to grow personally. During both marriages, I struggled with whether I was a good parent, how to take care of myself, and how to ask for what I needed.

Métis Identity: Twenty-four years ago, my family of origin discovered that we were Métis. This was the missing piece of who I am and what I have experienced throughout my life. Growing up, we were very connected to the land. As an adult, I created an opportunity to be connected to the land by becoming a wilderness guide, co-owning a paddling company in Winnipeg, leading trips on rivers in Canada, and sharing the experience of the wilderness with others. Many years ago, I met with an Elder to receive my spirit name which is White Butterfly Woman. My purpose is to use my strong intuitive skills and guide individuals and groups into more loving ways of being.

Why Life Coaching? I have recently retired from many years of teaching as an Inclusion Specialist (Special Educator) and am now a Life Coach, having been trained through Accomplishment Coaching Chicago. Everything I have experienced in my career in working with youth, educators and families, the celebrations and struggles, has helped build my capacity to share love, compassion and caring for others. I have experienced firsthand and understand the power in living your life from a mindset of empowerment, intention, and action. Similarly, many of my personal experiences, held me in the past and despite therapy, I believed there was something wrong with me. Life Coaching was the bridge I needed to move from healing to living. To be present and create the life I want to live

Why work with me: With my life experience and training, you will walk away with the understanding that you are powerful and capable of attaining whatever you plan to create for yourself and others in this world. My role is to work alongside you, support, listen and gently reflect on your ways of thinking/believing that are your ‘truths’ that may not be serving you to reach your life goals. Planning with intention and practicing new ways of being will empower you to live the amazing life you are meant to live.

My clients: This is where much of my feelings of abundance lies, when I connect with people like yourself, on a soulful level. I work with professional women who want more in life. I believe we can create anything from 'growing love' in our lives, and that it starts with creating it for yourself. I also believe that we are all here for a purpose and to live a life of abundance and joy. 


Client Demographic: Professional women 25+

Feel free to contact me by email to set up a phone conversation or on this website book a discovery call. We’ll talk about your goals and how you can reach them. Usually, it’s a lot of fun.

Let's connect to see if I can support you.

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